Chesney-Lind in gang lecture at UCLA on April 14, 2011

Professor Chesney-Lind is scheduled to speak at UCLA on Thursday, April 14, as part of a series sponsored by the UCLA Department of Social Welfare in the School of Public Affairs.

The year-long lecture series, “GANGS: Strategies to Break the Cycle of Violence,” addresses gang issues in Los Angeles and on a national scale, with special focus on current knowledge of gang operations, intervention strategies, effective support services and policy recommendations.

Other speakers in the series have been Connie Rice, Co-director of the Advancement Project Los Angeles; James C. ‘Buddy’ Howell, a senior research associate with the National Gang Center, and former director of research and program development for the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention; Father Greg Boyle, founder and executive director of Los Angeles–based Homeboy Industries, and the author of “Tattoos on the Heart”; Lee Baca, sheriff of Los Angeles County; and Bernard Warner, director of prisons for the Washington State Department of Corrections.

A live webcast of this event is planned at the ad-supported website To watch, go to

For more information, see the Department of Social Welfare web site.

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